Air Crash Victims Support

Dr.Abdul Razzaq is an acknowledged expert of Carrier’s Liability Laws in air crash cases. He is well connected with US and Europe based lawyers & law firms for prosecuting the aircraft manufactures and operators in foreign jurisdictions.


It has been because of his personal bitter experience with trickery of PIA Insurers,  after loss of his own elder brother in Fokker Air Crash at Multan (10.7.2006), Dr.Abdul has been a volunteer for providing free legal support and services to families of air crash victims. With his own experience with PIA Insurer’s Agent, he discovered that while paying compensation to the victim’s families Insurers agent compels the families to sign a comprehensive Release & Discharge Deed wherein it is clearly demanded that victims family shall not file any claim or suit against aircraft manufacturers, Air Leasing companies, contractors, sub-contractors, aircraft part, engine and body manufacturers in USA and Europe, and any business entity who manufactured, designed, supplied, sold or installed any part, component or system which was on, a part, or incorporated into the aircraft or engines. He further discovered that this ‘Release and Discharge Deed’ is used to secure Millions of Dollars from these stakeholders on account of litigation insurance. This way the Insurer pays peanut to the families and makes Millions of profits out of human tragedy.

In case of his brother he refused to succumb to the pressure of Insurer’s Agent and had a long battle legal battle and finally Sindh High Court decreed the claim on 6-06-2018, for Rs.100Million for wrongful death for passenger. The High Court has called this trickery of Insurer as “PIA has acted in violation of decent manners and required civil conduct at the proper time although being legally covered, by not disbursing the said amount as was disbursed to other passengers, attempting to force the plaintiffs to accept the same as complete discharge of liability”


After his own bitter experience, Dr.Abdul Razzaq has been helping every air crash victim of Air Blue, Bhoja Air Crash and Georgian Air Crash victims. He chased Georgian Insurer with the help of Swedish based Consortium of Lawyers and got each family a compensation of Rs.5,000,000/- for Four laborer.

Dr.Abdul Razzaq is again in the field to help and provide free support and services to air crash victims of PIA AIRBUS- A-320 that crashed on 22nd May 2020.


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